Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let's meet Leong, Winny & friend

Date: 17-01-2012
Venue: Bayan Baru, Penang
customer Profile: Miss Leong, Winne & friend
Styling & Makeup: Cindi.L =Me=

As winne company's annual dinner
comes with theme "Bow & Elegant"
Dinner set @ Equatorial Hotel, Penang.

Special design her look to be more soft ferminine
haha, first impression i thought she'll very fierce
in fact she NOT!
And she is very nice to everything 
She'd typical business women look
i like her way so confident on herself
Women should be like her
Work & earn by ownself
And she'd lovely family
god bless her everything good in year 2012
I'm really sorry, i didn't ask her name >m<

Winny have a very nice height
and really friendly ^_^

Like her dress very much
bow belt with A-shape puffy layer sikrt
but the dress never over cover her elegant look
AICKS!! forgotten to take her full body shoot
Winny, really appreciate you like it ^_^
So am i
May all the best for you & your family in year 2012
Date: 28-12-2011
Venue: Bayan Baru, Penang
customer Profile: Miss Leong
Styling & Makeup: Cindi.L =Me=

Another dinner makeup customer profile
i can still remember
She love winne the pooh a lot!
she got a lot collection of winne the pooh :)
isn't she cute?
anna make her look like princess
Hairstyle : side hair to cover up her cheek, cause she'd lovely cheek
but some girl'll actually said look FAT in photo
But she is ain't fat at all!
Everything is so perfect on her
Her pretty face, her height, her ....>o<
Her smile can really melt you, hehe...

very charming smile >o<
Would like to view their hairstyle?
please click on the following link
owwwwhhhh owwwh!!!
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BEST wishes to all pretty & charm ladies!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A day with Stephanie

Date: 01-01-2012
Venue: Bayan Baru, Penang
Model Profile: Stephanie Leong
Photography: Geoffery Tan
Styling & Makeup: Cindi.L =Me=

Special created 5 different image with 2 makeup for my model
she have a very unique features

first three image is more to nature feeling
from vintage, artistic to sophisticate feel
image 1
image 2

image 3

Elegant wedding hairstyle 2011/2012