Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Eunice's wedding dinner

Wedding Dinner of Eunice (Night Makeup)
Date: 26th Dec 2011
Venue: Penang
Client's Profile: Eunice & Family

Hairstyle: Front & Back

Eunice are wearing red short type cheongsam for her wedding dinner
She requested red lips A MUST
So, i decided to create elegant chinese look for her
Her hair is shoulder length, you can see on below photo

Makeup : Before & After
Eunice's eyes is swollen type & small .
It's a hard part to make sure her eyes can make her look "awake" (精神)
Yeah, don't you think after makeup
she look AWAKE....hehe

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Eunice's mother-in-law
her hairstyle & makeup
Isn't she look very elegant & Pretty??
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typical korean
Even we'r having conversation problem,
but its really glad she like the makeup still :D
Cause korean's trend is different, comparizes to Malaysian's trend

Eunice's sister-in-law
Her makeup & hairstyle
She demands not too over makeover for her
Hairstyle prefered free & easy, without too much of spray & accessories
Makeup more to natural colour, not too heavy
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wedding Night Makeup - Lisan

Actual Wedding Day of Lisan (Night Makeup)
Date: 11st Dec 2011
Venue: Penang, Sunway Carnival convention Hall(Night)
Client's Profile: Lisan

Assistant/photographer : T.H Yang

Lisan, before any makeup
You can see how tired she is through the photo
she rush from Kulim, back to Pg island for her new room
and then need to rush to butterworth for her wedding dinner
And we running out of time, dued to some Act of God (>ww<)
Tired and exhausted face....thats a only problem on her face.
but, no worries...with my magic hand...
there's nothing impossible ^..^

Make-ing in progress...
I'm gonna turn Lisan into Pretty and spark of the night
Quick quick quickly~

Hairdo done! I like it very much
How bout you??

Side view & back view of hairdo
Photography by Lean Lee

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Actual Wedding Day - Angelina

Actual Day of Ben & Angelina
Date: 26th Nov 2011
Venue: Penang, Sg.Nibong (Morning) ; Eastin Hotel (Night)
Client's Profile: Ben & Angelina

Assistant/photographer : T.N Yang

Happy wedding for Ben & Angelina
Date: 26.11.2011
Venue: Eastin Hotel
Day makeup & hairdo

Day makeup & hairdo
Photo by: Left  Beng Hooi /Right Cindi

Day makeup & hairdo

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

7aste Event

7aste Event
Date: 24th November 2011
Venue: 32 Mansion
Talent  profile: Models from Local & Europe
Makeup Artisit & Hairstylist: Me, Chloe & Lina
Photography: Chee Boon

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Elegant wedding hairstyle 2011/2012