Thursday, August 30, 2012

TIPS: Beautiful eye makeup you certainly want....

Colors used in summer makeup look are very different compared to other seasons. Water colors like pink, orange, yellow, green and blue are the best for summer beauty eyes. To establish a rich summer feel, you probably use several matching beauty eye shadow instead of just one. Now we can learn how to blend these colors together naturally for this summer!
1. Orange Red Gradient
Though eye makeup in summer usually composes several colors, you can also make fun with only one eyeshadow color. Spreading out the orange red eyeshadow from your eyes gives you a romantic feel. Can you feel you are Ariel living in the fairy tales? With this strong eye makeup, you do not need heavy makeup for other facial parts like cheek and lips. Keeping them natural and nude is absolutely fine.

2. Peppermint
Green and blue together give you a feeling of fresh peppermint. This peppermint tone is a classic color combination for little fairy living in the forest. Apply blue eyeshadow to both upper and lower eye lids. Apply green eyeshadow to on top of the blue eyeshadow up to your eyebrow. Then, blend the two colors well
3. Golden Pink
The combination of gold and pink gives the feeling of sunset glow. It is so feminine and elegant.

Apply light gold eyeshadow on upper eye lid. Smudge the light gold eyeshadow towards your eyebrow. Draw a short eyeline (1/4 length of your lower lash line) with a gold eyeliner pencil at the inner eye corner.
Mix gold and pink eyeshadow (or pink rough) together. Apply the mix from your outer eye corner upwards and outwards. Imagine you are painting an oval.


4. Bluish Pink
Blue is the most often used color in summer. You can use blue eyeshadow alone or you can match it with other colors.

Apply light blue pearl eyeshadow on your upper eyelid. Draw a lower eyeline with the same eyeshadow (instead of eyeliner). Smudge a little bit. Then apply light pink or orange eyeshadow on upper eye lid.

5. Swan YellowTo have bright and sharp eyes, white is not the only color. You can use swan yellow to establish the same effect.
Apply light coral colored eyeshadow on your upper eye lid. Apply silvery green eyeshadow on your lower eye lid. Finally apply a small dot or swan yellow eyeshadow to your inner eye corner.
Draw a thin black eyeline on upper lash line. Draw a pearl white eyeline on your lower lash line.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Commercial portrait idea of C I N D I

Date: 27-08-2012

Venue: Seberang Jaya, Penang
Model Profile: Cindi Lim, Me =w=

Photography: S.W. Phothology
Styling Image & Makeup: Cindi.L =Me=
Tearing Angel

Fallen Angel
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Elegant wedding hairstyle 2011/2012