Personal Make-up
Package A (one to one)
Inclusive: Basic Brushes 1 set & 
Eyeshadow palette 1 set 
Course fee: RM500 / 3 lessons  / pax
Due date: 1 months
Hour Duration: 6 hours

Package B (one to one)
Inclusive: Basic brushes 1 set &  Eyeshadow palette set 
Course fee: RM899 / 8 lesson / pax
Due Date: 6 months
Hour Duration: 20~30 hours

Package C (Max 4 ppls in a class)
Course fee: RM250 / 1 lesson
Due date: 1 months
Hour Duration: 3~4 hours

1. Basic knowledge of skin type, skin care, equipment & tool
2. Application of makeup base, foundation, concealer & powder
3. Eyeshadow design & application
4. Eyebrow shaping skill
5. Eyeliner application technique
6. Mascara & curler usage
7. False Eyelashes application skill
8. Blushes application
9. Lipstick, lipliner & lipgloss application
10. Contouring & highlight skill
11. Double eye-lid sticker 
12. Day & Night Makeup

Additional course for PACKAGE B
1. Basic knowledge of hairtype, hair care, equipment & tool.
2. Skill of using curly tong, straightening iron & zig-zag iron
3. Day & Night Hairstyling (Daily hairstyle/ party hairstyle)
4. Braids

For appointment please call +60173456356
Operation Hour: 11:00AM - 08:00PM

1. Do you have class for part time student?
Yes, we do. Personal Make-up Course is special create for women who busy on their job but yet wanna learn how to dress up themselves.

2. Can i pick my own time for learning my makeup?
Yes, student learning time is flexible, but need to make appointment advance 2~3 days before they come.

3. May i know the teaching style
It'll be one to one. But we do welcome a group of friends learn makeup together

4. Do i still need to purchase any products when sign up the course?
NO need to purchase any products from me even though i do sell some cosmetic products, student can use their own products. Of cause student are welcome to purchase any products from me. :)

5. My course have overdue, can i renew my course?
YES. We'r allow student to renew their course with RM20 per month or RM120 per year

6. I had already paid full amount of my course, can i refund it?
I'm so sorry about this. There's no refund once full payment made.

7. Can i transfer my course account to 3rd party?
YES only before you start your course.

8. It's there any installment for course fee?
NO. ONLY full payment

9. I wanna be make-up artist, can i learn the skill from this course?
Personal Makeup Course only for personal grooming usage, if you wanna become mua, kindly refer to BRIDAL MAKEUP COURSE.

Owner have priorities on changing Term & Condition without any notice

Further more question, please leave your comment here or email me
Last update: 9th Dec 2015


  1. Where the venue or classes?? Thanks

  2. Where the venue or classes?? Thanks

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