Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Birthday -Jasmine. H

Date: 21-02-2014
Venue: Flamingo hotel, Penang
B'day girl: Jasmine. H
Makeup & hairdo: ☆Cindi☆ me☆

It's really glad can meet jasmine in person. She is very friendly and lovely lady... I bet this must be her very special day.

Thanks for trusting me, chosen me as your mua for your special day celebration. 

Jasmine like to have smokey makeup with red lips. She got serious dry skin dued to miss use some brand mask. So, I need to cover her red spot and also moist her skin.

Luckily, everything turn well. I'm glad she enjoy her night with all beasties. 

Once again,  happy birthday♡

Wedding Workshop - Part 1

wedding photography 101 workshop

Date: 16.02.2014
Organised by Mackiddbill Production
Speaker: Tan WooiLoon
Bride: Jenny.L
Bridegroom: Nicholas.K
Makeup & hairdo: Cin Di, me

Model & me

photo credit Tan Wooi Loon
Its really full of fun and joy working environment
Gained a lot of experience during this workshop
my first bride model which with middle length hair
Great opportunity for me to try 

Photo credited Mackidd Bill

Photo credited Mackidd Bill

Photo credited Tan Wooi Loon
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